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    Solutions for Safer, Smarter, More Engaged Government

    Teradata helps government organizations leverage all their data to  know more about their citizens, answer new questions, drive deeper insights and make better decisions to improve agency outcomes.


  • The Shift Toward an Analytic Culture

    As government agencies work to adapt data capture practices now standardized by the private sector, new data types—specifically, big data—are not waiting for them to catch up. Big data refers to data sets (both structured and multi-structured) whose size and complexity are beyond the ability of commonly used software tools for capturing, managing, and processing in a timely manner.

    Teradata solutions leverage all your data—such as legacy transactional systems, ERP systems, sensors, web data, cyber data, cloud-computing, Hadoop/Map-Reduce environments, text and other data types—so you can gain a single, integrated view of your operations and make faster, better decisions that enhance operational efficiency.

     How a Unified Data Architecture Can Revolutionize Analytics in Government 

    Text Analytics for Smart Government

    Many organizations don’t realize that “text” data is big data, too. In fact, it’s a type of behavioral data that offers just as much valuable, direct insight into everyday activities as from clickstream behavior on the web, or sensor readings from complex machines. Big data analytics can isolate these insights and help anticipate threats to security. The complex relationships and patterns in text data are exposed using a wide range of analytics to extract meaning, correlations, who influences who, and more. Gone are the days of producing after-the-fact reports and charts. “Smart Government” is all about staying ahead of the game.

     Government Text Analytics

    Profiling “Bad Actors” in Social Media Using Psycholinguistics

    Continuously changing threats to homeland and global security are increasing demands to recognize emerging trends faster, leaving more time to react and neutralize them. An area of focus is the sizing-up of emerging threats in social media, for example when it is used as a recruitment and marketing method for terrorist organizations. The problem is that as the popularity of social media continues to grow, there are an overwhelming number of accounts to analyze. Psycholinguistics can help. Through Teradata’s combination of big data tools, such as text analytics, machine learning and graph techniques, investigators can cull through vast amounts of data with a high degree of accuracy for identifying suspect users and people of interest. The results are pinpoint insights into personality models that can be tracked – results that can improve security and build an accumulating knowledge base more efficiently.

     Profiling Terrorists in Social Media Using Psycholinguistics

    Turning Data into Insights

    Teradata leads the industry in big data analytics technology that provides a single view of your organization in real time, and intelligence analytics to help governments optimize data use in imaginative new ways to gain critical insights.

    With the strength of the industry’s largest and most experienced force of consultants, Teradata can partner with your organization to design, implement and maintain your data system—and provide training for your staff. That’s our end-to-end data warehousing solution. Some of Teradata’s time-proven solutions include:

    – Business Intelligence

    – Data Governance

    – Data Mart Consolidation

    – Data Mining and Predictive Analytics

    – Data Warehouse Migration

    – Enterprise Risk Management

    – Financial Management

    – Master Data Management

    – SAP Integration

    – Supply Chain Management and Logistics


     Visit our Claraview division

    Teradata’s Prescription for Success in Government Healthcare

    Most answers to government healthcare questions depend on easy access to reliable data. If government agencies have the power to transform beneficiary, clinical, cost, investigative, audit, and regulatory data into a wealth of policy and operational insights, the results can lead to a new era of informed government program management. Having a single-source view of healthcare data can vastly simplify operational management of government-sized programs.

    Teradata Identifies Patterns to Avoid Surgery

    Teradata Aster Analytics uses text analytics allowing doctors’ notes to be integrated with other data to unlock deeper insights about the patient

     Read Datasheet

    Harnessing the Power of Big Data in Transportation

    In the face of continuing budget constraints, aging infrastructure, and challenges inherent in moving people and things, transportation agencies need smarter, more efficient ways to optimize existing resources, reduce congestion and costs, protect the environment, and serve travelers better. Teradata solutions can help by transforming all your data into powerful business insights, quickly and efficiently.



     Keep Transportation Moving with Analytics

    Defense Logistics and Supply Chain

    At the heart of government logistics and supply chain are assets, inventory/spare parts, and the people who move and maintain those assets to keep the supply chain running. With so many factors and related demands interacting, it’s easy to forget a common thread among them—each generates an enormous amount of interconnected data.

    The data can be structured, such as shipments, parts and maintenance data, or large quantities of unstructured data, such as geolocation data, transportation asset performance data from sensors and operator trouble logs. Teradata solutions are designed to leverage all your data, so you can gain a single, integrated view of your logistics and supply chain operations and make faster, more informed decisions that improve operational efficiency.

     Discovery Analytics – a New Vehicle for Supply Chain and Logistics

    Gaining Deeper Insights into Cyber Threats

    An analytics framework from Teradata is designed to do the heavy lifting associated with malware analysis, providing resource-constrained teams broader visibility, greater contextual awareness, and richer forensic capabilities for a deeper understanding of cyber security threats in real time. For more information on cyber security solutions, visit

     Big Data Integration and Analytics for Cyber Security

    Data Driven Government – Analytics for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

    Teradata solutions help government agencies get the facts they need—when they need them—through powerful, insightful analytics. Bolstered by a robust data repository, decision makers can quickly and efficiently cut through increasing data volume and complexity and gain keen business insights into improving operational performance. Teradata’s analytical platform is flexible and scalable for adjusting to new regulatory questions or priorities, so agencies can produce reports more efficiently with the information management needs to run business more effectively.

    The Critical Connection between Data Analytics and the Future of Tax Compliance

    Every year agencies leave billions of dollars in tax revenue uncollected. This tax gap is as high as 17 percent at the federal level, according to IRS estimates. And for states, the gap grows even wider. Closing the tax gap would mean agencies can do more than bring in additional revenue; it would offer opportunities to ensure that all taxpayers pay their fair amount—a critical step toward improving fairness and equity. For more information on tax solutions, visit


     Mind the Gap: Get the real story on the Future of Tax Compliance

    Improving Accessibility to Quality Data

    The Federal Government maintains vast amounts of data across multiple agencies. The Digital Accountability and Transparency Act (DATA Act) establishes data standards and sharing protocols designed to provide American citizens and policymakers better visibility into federal spending—and help agencies exploit the benefits of data mining and analytics. Wise agencies and early adopters recognize how to transform this new compliance obligation into an opportunity to advance their federal agency objectives through data-driven strategies.

     The DATA Act: From Obligation to Opportunity

    Using Data and Analytics for Citizen Engagement

    Like the private sector, government agencies need to make sure they deliver the right services; manage and reduce the cost of delivering services; and increase citizen satisfaction. The good news is that new technologies and platforms are available today to provide deeper, more meaningful insights about citizens, services, and processes—helping government agencies improve efficiency at delivering what citizens need through more cost effective delivery channels.

Produtos Teradata


Use this list of Teradata products, organized by product type to find the solution that best addresses your data and analytics needs. If you are interested you can also see the Teradata A – Z product list.


Analytics (Aster)
Analytics on Hadoop (Aster)
Analytics Portfolio (Aster)
Aster R
SQL-GR (Aster / Connection Analytics)
SQL-MapReduce (Aster)
Analytics (Aster Express, a Free Download)
Data Lab
AppCenter (Aster)


Cloud, Hybrid
Cloud, Managed (Aster Analytics)
Cloud, Managed (Hadoop)
Cloud, Managed, Europe (Teradata Database)
Cloud, Managed, Americas (Teradata Database)
Cloud, Private (Teradata Database on VMware)
Public Cloud (Aster Analytics on AWS)
Public Cloud (Teradata Database on AWS)
Public Cloud (Teradata Database on Azure)

Data Ingestion

Data Mover

Data Mangement

Backup and Restore
Data Mover
Intelligent Memory
Row Level Security
Secure Zones


Database (Aster)
Analytics (Aster Express, a Free Download)
Database (Teradata)
Database (Teradata Express, a Free Download)

Database Features

Database JSON integration
Module for Python
Intelligent Memory
Row Level Security
Secure Zones

Ecosystem Management

Ecosystem Manager

Workload Management

Active System Manager (TASM)
Workload Management

SQL Query Engine / Open Source

Presto (Free Download)

Tools & Utilities

Analyst Pack
OLAP Connector
SQL Assistant/Web Edition
Studio Express
Teradata Analytics for SAP (TAS)
Utility Pack
Workload Management

Load & Unload Utilities

Parallel Transporter (TPT)


REST Services


Active Enterprise Data Warehouse
Appliance for Hadoop
Appliance for SAS®
Big Analytics Appliance (Aster)
Data Mart Appliance
Data Warehouse Appliance
Integrated Big Data Platform
Virtual Platform

Software Applications

Customer Interaction Manager (CIM)
Demand Chain Management
Real Time Marketing Interaction Manager (RTIM)
Warehouse Miner
Data Lab
AppCenter (Aster)

UDA Enabling Software

AppCenter (Aster)

Self Service

Data Lab

Downloads / Free Trials

Analytics (Aster Express, a Free Download)
Database (Teradata Express, a Free Download)
Presto (Free Download)

Deployment Options

Hybrid Cloud
On Premises
Managed Cloud
On Azure
Private Cloud